IFRS Training

Since the decision was made to introduce IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)reporting requirements into the UK, Peter has established a reputation for writing and delivering highly effective IFRS training programmes to a wide range of different clients.

These programmes range from bespoke IFRS training workshops for individual organisations, seminars for accountants in practice, industry and the public sector, through to presentations at larger conferences in the UK and overseas. In addition to our UK courses, we have recently presented seminars and courses in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Czech Republic, France, Kuwait,  Mauritius, Switzerland and The British Virgin Islands.

Recent IFRS training workshops include:

  • IFRS refreshers and masterclasses
  • IFRs for SME’s
  • Practical reporting issues under IFRS
  • The impact of recent developments in IFRS

Our clients include:

  • Banks, insurance and other financial services companies
  • Construction companies
  • Corporate lawyers
  • International firms of accountants
  • International packaging company
  • Local and national firms of accountants
  • Local government
  • NHS Trusts
  • Offshore financial services firms
  • Property companies
  • Public seminars and conferences in the UK and overseas attended by accountants and directors of private and listed companies
  • UK and international financial services regulators

Most of our IFRS training programmes are run for individual clients so that the course content can be tailored to meet the specific business and personal needs of those people attending. By concentrating on real business issues, and by providing a consistent message to all team members at the same time, our training will be more effective in helping to deliver improved performance.

If you believe that we may be able to help you with your IFRS training needs, please get in touch.

email Peter at peter@aptuspdc.co.uk
Call Peter on 07778 858287