About Aptus

What does Aptus mean?

Aptus is the Latin word for “Relevant” and this underpins all of the training programmes that we provide. We believe that if you are willing to invest your time and money in attending one of our training courses, then it is our responsibility to ensure that what you get from us is relevant, practical and effective in transferring knowledge and skills that you can apply in your work.

Who are Aptus?

Aptus Personal Development Consultants is headed by Peter Thatcher, a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years experience of training, consulting and coaching in the UK and overseas. Based in Cambridgeshire, Aptus PDC specialises in international financial training. Peter delivers most of the training and coaching himself, although he is part of an informal network of experienced, high quality training and coaching consultants that he can introduce to clients to supplement his own specialisms.

All of our personal development trainers are both experts in, and passionate about, their subjects. They all have practical experience as managers and leaders in business which gives them a real understanding of the issues faced by delegates attending our workshops.

Peter Thatcher - BSc FCA

Peter believes that the most productive learning environment is one where people feel comfortable and able to enjoy the whole learning experience.  His passion is to give people realistic, practical ideas that can really make a difference to their lives and help them to realise their full potential.

Although it may be strange to some people, Peter gets a real buzz from running UK GAAP and IFRS training programmes for accountants working in practice, industry and in the public sector. Most of these are tailored programmes, designed for individual clients, but Peter is also well known for presenting at conferences and public events organised by others. He has a real passion for his subjects, presenting in a style that makes even these apparently ‘dry’, technical subjects, enjoyable.

Peter also designs and delivers business, personal and management skills programmes in the UK and overseas, providing tailored solutions for SMEs and large organisations. His approach is to provide practical, down-to earth advice based on his own business experience and the application of relevant management thinking.

Peter is able to understand the real business issues faced by people through his many years experience of working as a consultant to a wide range of businesses and also through his own experience of having been a finance director of a manufacturing company, a divisional director of a large UK training company and through running his own training consultancy for more than 20 years.

Peter also works as a personal coach with senior knowledge professionals, specialising in helping people to develop their personal impact and credibility, personal effectiveness, and to identify and develop their individual leadership traits.

Peter also has an interest in counselling and has a Certificate in Counselling.

Contact Peter at peter@aptuspdc.co.uk